Martin HenleyWelcome to my website.  I am excited to introduce my new book “Scoundrels Who Made America Great”. I believe anyone who has an interest in American history will welcome a deeper understanding of how personal character and momentous events can produce a scoundrel and a hero in one and the same person. As evidence, I submit the following “scoundrels” who, although scorned by their contemporaries, made significant contributions to American history.

  • Iva Toguri. Falsely convicted of treason as “Tokyo Rose” she used her position as Radio Tokyo propagandist to raise the morale of Allied soldiers while at the same time risking her life to smuggle food and medicine to Allied prisoners of war.
  • Benedict Arnold.  America’s most infamous traitor saved the American Revolution in 1776 when he led a ragtag American naval force against a British armada at the Battle of Valcour Island.
  • John Brown. The violent abolitionist whose raid of a Federal armory at Harper’s Ferry Virginia failed to produce an intended slave revolt became an icon for Civil War abolitionists.
  • Clarence Gideon. The drifter and five time felon challenged the Supreme Court to provide indigents with their Constitutional right to a defense attorney.
  • Anne Hutchinson.  Persecuted as the Puritan “Jezebel” by Massachusetts governor John Winthrop set the mold for modern feminism
  • Wernher von Braun.  The “father” of the American space program engineered Hitler’s vengeance weapon – the V-2 rockets that terrorized London during the last stage of World War II.